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Ghost Clients

Buzz has various checks for ghost clients such as >3.01 reach detection, velocity, and much more!

Blatant Clients

Buzz has a wide range of checks for blatant clients such as fly, speed, killaura, and much more!


Set up Buzz on your server in under 5 minutes. It's that easy!


Buzz is 100% packet based for a minimal impact on server performance!


Made by the developers of AntiGamingChair, Meow, Moon, Rift, and more, you can assure our developers are the most qualified in the anticheat industry!


StellarDev still supports it's products dating back 5 years! We aren't going anywhere!


About Buzz

Buzz Anticheat was designed with accuracy and efficiency in mind. Buzz offers a range of detections and features that vary from highly accurate >3.01 reach and velocity detection to unbypassable blatant checks such as speed, fly, timer, and more with minimal impact on server performance! With Buzz, we strive to provide the best anticheat money can buy while also breaking the stereotype commonly associated with "high-end" development by setting our pricing as low as under $1/day, providing affordability for everyone!

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Join our discord and open a ticket! We'll happily answer any questions and allow you to privately test on our server.


Pricing Plans

Buzz offers subscription pricing plans for as low as under $1/day!
All subscription plans offer all checks and premium support!

Important: Payments can be made with Credit/Debit Card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. All card info is processed via Stripe — nothing is seen or stored by StellarDev LLC. PayPal can be linked via Google Pay for people in the US by using this guide.

Bumble Bee

$ 30 monthly
  • 1 Month Subscription
  • All checks
  • Premium support
  • Discount

Worker Bee

$ 80 quarterly
  • 3 Month Subscription
  • All checks
  • Premium support
  • 11% Discount

Drone Bee

$ 140 semi-annually
  • 6 Month Subscription
  • All checks
  • Premium support
  • 22% Discount

Queen Bee

$ 250 annually
  • 1 Year Subscription
  • All checks
  • Premium support
  • 30% Discount

What do they say?

Need more convincing? Hear what our customers have to say!

I have used many anticheats in the past with claims of good detections and a lack of false positives, but Buzz is the best I've ever had. Even when Buzz was in the early release I didn't find a single false on any block or interaction I could think of. The staff team is one of the best when it comes to reliability, fast answers, kindness, and the ability to make amazing checks. This anticheat is on a whole new level. I would recommend it to any 1.8 pvp server and it's completely worth the money.


Buzz Client

When I learned about Buzz my server was under development, I was already very interested knowing the history of the main developers NotLucky and Sim0n. As soon as I tried it I was amazed, it did not give false positives, it detected every type of hack tested. At the official launch of Buzz, I bought it immediately and I am amazed how well it's cleaned up my server against Italy's worst hackers. The assistance is fast and friendly, so if you too are a server owner I suggest you move and buy Buzz!


SquidLand Owner

Most outstanding contender to ever come to the anticheat scene.


Los Angeles, CA

I have been looking on the sidelines on how Buzz functions and I've got to say i'm impressed. Almost none of my modules bypassed, and would definitely use this on my server once it's fully released. Not to mention I grew a few inches, and my pigment has changed alongside a few of the other members who have vouched for Buzz. All my insecurities are now obselete and with a plus i'm 6'2 lightskin.



Thanks to the guys at StellarDev, Buzz Anticheat saved me from being bald and now my server has no cheaters! Amazing!



When I purchased Buzz Anticheat I instantly became 6ft and lightskin! Girls throw themselves at me now. Absolute life changer. Would recommend!



I-i-i-i-i-i-i love Buzz Anticheat!

Joe Biden

United States of America

When I bought Buzz Anticheat I became a model, my butt became bigger, and I got a lightskin boyfriend with curly hair! Now I'm so happy and travel the world on my yacht! Thank you Buzz!



When I bought Buzz Anticheat I became lightskin and got the hottest girl in the world! Thanks to Buzz I have now made it out of the trenches! This Anticheat changed my life bless up!


The Trenches 🥶

I became TikTok famous because of Buzz Anticheat and now I can't stop renegading!

Charli D'Amelio's Sister


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